Friday the 13th Rescue – Our busy volunteers to the Rescue again

A scary evening ended happily for two women, lost in the Granite Mountain Basin, who were rescued Friday evening. The 74 and 50 year-old women, both from Prescott Valley, started their hike Friday morning and were reported overdue by family members Friday night. Their hiking destination was known as only Mingus Mountain or Granite Mountain.

An alert Sheriff's Deputy spotted their vehicle at the Little Granite Mountain trailhead, along Iron Springs Road. The Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team (YCSRT) Backcountry Unit, was activated at 7:30pm, and dispatched to various locations around the Granite Basin trail system. The lost pair had a cell phone, but the battery died during the search eliminating a point of contact and the ability to obtain GPS coordinates.

At approximately 9:30pm, the two women, who were calling out for assistance, were found on Trail 261. They were in good condition and escorted to safety.

Our Search and Rescue professionals recommend that you:

• Always let others know your hiking destination, route, and time expected back.

• Don't deviate from your plans.

• Know your route. Carry maps, GPS devices and a working cell phone with an extra fully charged battery or back-up power source.

• Plan, and be prepared, for unexpected events.