Missing Seligman Boy Found

At approximately 11:45 AM today[1/6/13], 7-year-old Cole Evans was located approximately 1.5 miles from his grandmother’s home. Cole was found by two Seligman residents who volunteered their time this morning as part of the search effort. While driving and checking for potential hiding places, they spotted a young boy underneath a trailer. When they stopped to investigate, the boy came running towards them and both recognized Cole immediately. He was transported to the command Post then reunited with his family at their home. DPS Ranger paramedics were present, examined Cole for the effects of exposure, and concluded he was in good condition with no further medical treatment necessary.

Detectives are hoping to sort out his path of travel during the last 24 hours and determine exactly how he survived the 15-degree overnight temperatures. He apparently had wandered off to explore and got lost. Cole indicated he was aware of the helicopters overnight, but it was when he saw the two rescuers drive by that he knew to run to them for safety.
Sheriff Mascher, who also participated in the search personally spoke with the family and shared his delight regarding the outcome. Cole’s parents, Kyle and Chany Evans, were very appreciative to all the personnel who participated.
The list of personnel involved in the search includes patrol and detective personnel throughout YCSO, the Jeep Posse, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team and affiliated special units, Southern Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team, Search and Rescue teams from Mohave, Maricopa and Coconino County, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Response Team, Child Abduction Response Teams (CART) from various agencies throughout the State, DPS officers and air support staff, US Air Force flying specially equipped night vision helicopters which were being refueled by C130 aircraft, YCSO Volunteer’s in Protection, Department of Corrections Search Dog Team, and civilian volunteers from throughout the area who arrived in vehicles, ATVs and horseback. We thank them all.